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Handwoven Textiles by Andrea Carpenter


The Winter Phoenix is a California based handwoven textile brand by Andrea Carpenter. Each piece is inspired by nature, astronomy, art, music, and literature. A purist at heart, Andrea creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are not only inspired by the earth, but that also come from it by using sustainably sourced fibers.







This collection is the physical representation of my emotional metamorphosis of 2018. Upon embarking on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement I faced drastic change, displacement, and prolonged transition. I mourned the loss of a home, and a community, as well as faced abuse and betrayal within said community, all while continuing to navigate the deconstruction of my faith and grieve the loss of significant relationships. As a result I battled deep depression and ambiguous physical health issues.

But through it all I continued to unapologetically embrace and expand upon my beliefs concerning social justice, feminism, and intersectionality. And I continued to learn to find and use my voice in spaces where I am expected and encouraged to be silent.

This collection was created amongst all of this. Upon reflection of situations where I have felt silenced and ignored, I intuitively gave my hands the power to say with fiber what my mouth and heart could not say with words.

*I listened to Neko Case much of the time that I worked on this collection. Some of the pieces in this collection have titles that are lyrics from songs off of her latest album, Hell-On. Those titles are in quotations and speak to the inspiration behind their accompanying pieces.